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Service Foods Launches New Corporate Health and Wellness Division, Green Box Foods

The division will provide and engage programs, campaigns and events using educational tools, knowledge and resources to help organizations improve the health of their employees, members and customers through nutrition, dietary supplementation and exercise. All programs are complemented by a vast selection of all natural, high-quality organic foods for home delivery.

ATLANTA, May 14—Service Foods, a leading provider of all natural, high-quality organic food for home delivery, is pleased to introduce Green Box Foods, Employee Benefit and Affinity Programs division. The health and wellness division is designed to help corporations, associations and non-profits improve the health of their employees, members, customers and the organizations themselves.

Unlike its parent company, which offers its services and all natural food through a network of physicians and direct to consumers channels, Green Box Foods works in partnership with corporate human resource and benefit departments, benefit groups, associations and non-profit groups. Annual communication plans are devised to implement educational programs and platforms to teach the importance of on-going healthy living, as well as chronic disease prevention and management, to improve employee health through proper nutrition, dietary supplementation and exercise.

All employees, members or customers have the option of utilizing the online nutritional wellness assessment or be provided a personalized wellness assessment by the Green Box Foods health professionals. Both options provide enrollees with private consultations to better understand their current health status and nutritional needs. Based on their results, the proper all natural and organic nutritional food options are then recommended and available for home delivery.

Additionally, employees and members have the ability to contact Green Box Foods’ registered dietitians, registered nurses, fitness experts, all natural chefs and doctors via email, social media and phone. They can also choose to be monitored by the team to ensure progress with their health and wellness goals. Green Box Foods is providing a unique benefit to organizations, their employees and members by offering easy access to all natural, high-quality organic food coupled with educational programs and platforms focused on the nutritional well-being of employees, members, customers and the organizations themselves.

“This key component is new in corporate health and wellness plans,” said Service Foods CEO Dr. Keith Kantor. “We’re bringing the food to you and providing the highest quality nutrition for optimum health and wellness.”

Since its launch, Green Box Foods has already secured University of North Carolina Health Care as a client. The non-profit healthcare system is based in Chapel Hill, N.C. and employs approximately 8,000 people. In addition to comprehensive medical, surgical and psychiatric care, UNC Health Care is a leader in health promotion and disease promotion, so the division’s partnership with Green Box Foods was a logical choice.

Brian Boles will serve as Green Box Foods’ new managing director. Boles, who served as a vice president at Wells Fargo Bank for 11 years, has an extensive background in business strategy, development and implementation. He is also a huge proponent of healthy living and managing chronic diseases, and he donates time to the Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, Multiple Sclerosis Society and Safe House Outreach Mentor Program.

In addition to providing families with all natural foods and tools for healthy living, Green Box Foods also firmly believes in fostering and encouraging the healthy lifestyles of employees to improve both the health of the individuals and the fiscal health of businesses. Corporate health and wellness programs have a positive impact on morale, absenteeism, presenteeism and employee productivity.

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Service Foods offers a full line of all-natural foods free from growth hormones, preservatives, steroids, antibiotics and colorings. The company provides free delivery directly to customers’ homes. In addition, dietitians, nurses, doctors, dentists and fitness experts are on staff to counsel clients in leading a healthier lifestyle. Service Foods has been in business since 1981 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia, with warehouses in several states.

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