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February 15, 2011

Service Foods and Vital Healthcare Group Collaborate to Bring Expanded Health and Wellness Offerings to Clients. The two Georgia-based companies have pooled their resources to offer the best in technology, expert medical advice, all-natural, high-quality organic food and comprehensive health and wellness solutions to clients of both companies.

Service Foods customers receive 25% off smoking cessation services from Vital Health Care Group.

Visit this link and mention "Service Foods Smoking Cessation" in the comments section of the form when you inquire.

To contact a Doctor directly about any medical questions other than smoking cessation, please use this link.

This collaboration will give Service Foods’ clients free access to the numerous physicians in Vital Healthcare Group’s extensive network of providers. The physicians will be available 24/7 to answer clients’ questions, help guide them and be a member of their team as they strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their recommendations and suggestions will be updated and maintained through the electronic health record system, user portal and innovative smart card platform available from Vital Healthcare Group to ensure ongoing and accurate monitoring of each client’s personalized treatments.

Similarly, all the physicians and clients of Vital Healthcare Group and its strategic partners such as Precision Weight Loss will have access to all-natural, high-quality organic food and personalized meal plans designed by the registered dietitians, all-natural chefs and nurses at Service Foods. The meal plans will be customized according to each individual’s dietary needs, whether a patient suffers from health concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure or food allergies, or just wants to eat great tasting, all-natural foods as part of a healthy lifestyle. The resulting meal plans will then be fulfilled using Service Foods’ wide selection of delicious all natural, high-quality organic food and sent directly to clients’ homes.

In turn, meal plan details such as calories, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium will be noted in each clients’ electronic health record to ensure that they are receiving the proper nutrition and guidance to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, Service Foods and Vital Healthcare Group will be offering all of their clients the opportunity to team up with smoking cessation experts. The medical experts will help smokers kick their nicotine addiction by providing professional tools, information and support designed to help people quit smoking and remain smoke-free for a healthier lifestyle. “We are proud to the provide the clients of Service Foods with the technology and clinical arm to enable healthy decisions,” said Dr. Kelvin Brown, chairman and CEO of Vital Healthcare Group. “I believe our companies complement each other’s strengths, and by working together we can help people realize and maintain their health and wellness goals.”

Service Foods’ CEO Dr. Keith Kantor expressed similar thoughts on the collaboration between the two companies. “We are dedicated to improving the health of America one family at a time by providing an all-encompassing approach to health, nutrition and exercise,” he said. “Vital Healthcare Group shares our goals, and we’re pleased to help the many clients who are working toward a healthy lifestyle. I’m confident that together, we are making progress to end the healthcare crisis in America.”

About Vital Healthcare Group

Vital Healthcare Group’s (VHG) mission is to improve the health of individuals and empower patients, providers and physicians by increasing accessibility, improving affordability, reducing costs and addressing healthcare disparities through technology. VHG is uniquely positioned to fulfill this mission with its Virtual Integrated Health and Delivery System that includes the best electronic health record system, user portal and innovative smart card on the market today. The company’s one-of-a-kind technology platform enables users to conveniently access and carry their health information with security and confidence. The company’s seamless, integrated system is unlike any other healthcare technology company. For more information, visit


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