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Healthy Eating And Summer Fun!

With temptation at every rest-stop, beachfront grill and hip new restaurant, it's difficult to eat healthy while on vacation. But there’s no reason to stop your progress just because you’re taking a well needed rest. The key is to find the happy medium between avoiding junk foods and an occasional indulgence while you’re away. There are several strategies and tricks I’d like to share to help you avoid summer weight gain while away (or even at home!).

Breakfast and lunch alternatives – Without a doubt, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day and should never be skipped. If you are staying in a hotel with a continental breakfast, stay away from fatty pastries, muffins and donuts, and stick to fresh fruits, hard boiled or scrambled eggs or fiber rich cereals instead. If you are on your own for breakfast, there are always healthy alternatives on any restaurant menu. You can’t go wrong with eggs, wheat toast and fresh fruit.

Eating out, not pigging out – While away, most likely the majority of your meals will be eaten at restaurants. Just remember that healthy choices are now offered everywhere. The main concerns with eating out are portion sizes and making the right choices. Stay away from anything fried or with heavy sauces and go with items that are grilled, broiled or steamed. Most importantly, just because the food is in front of you does not mean you have to finish your plate. Stop eating when you feel full.

Tasty treats – While away, your activity level may be higher than usual. You may be walking around or swimming at the pool and burning more calories. With all those extra calories burned there's room for a little bit of indulgence. Every vacation spot has unique foods and treats that you shouldn't pass up. Once again, it is all about how much you eat, so limit your treats to one per day.

Road trip healthy eating - Eating healthy and road trips are two phrases that are not commonly used together, but it is possible. It is too easy to pull over and grab a combo meal or pick up some chips at the gas station. There are alternatives to both of these. Pack a cooler full of healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy sandwiches, yogurt, granola, trail mix and lots of water so you remain hydrated. If you must stop at a fast food place, consider healthy options like a salad or a fruit cup as substitutions for fries. Or go with a grilled chicken alternative.

Eating healthy while away from home is easy to do if you keep these strategies in mind. You are on vacation, so it's okay to indulge now and then, as long as you make healthy decisions the rest of the time. Think of how good it will feel when you don’t gain “vacation weight”!


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