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Our Health Experts

Meet our team of expert faculty advisors.

Dr. Keith Kantor, CEO
Dr.Kantor is committed to assisting our clients with their health and nutrition concerns. His team of health professionals help guide our customers to a healthier lifestyle and to better manage and prevent future health issues. He has obtained his Masters and Doctorate degree in Nutritional Science. He also sits on the committee for the Natural Product Association, developing criteria and standards for foods to be classified and labeled as all-natural.

Articles And More About Dr. Kantor

Dana Yarn, RDLD
Dana Yarn, our registered dietitian and nutrition coach, is an expert when it comes to healthy eating. At a time when so many kids and busy adults grab whatever junk food or fast food is around, Dana makes a point that eating right can be delicious and convenient. Whether you have a specific dietary condition, like celiac or anaphylaxis, or you are just interested in losing weight or eating more nutritious meals, Dana can assist you with personal menu planning.

Articles And More About Dana

Karen DeFiore, RN
Karen DeFiore, our faculty medical professional, is a registered nurse who has worked in pediatric, orthopedic, surgery, and home health care. She’s even been a school nurse. Karen offers her unique expertise on how eating high quality food can help keep us out of the doctor’s office.

Articles And More About Karen

Mike Monahan, Executive Chef
Our executive chef, Mike Monahan, has been a professional chef since 1994 and has always had a passion for cooking. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, his passion is teaching others the joy of preparing delicious all-natural meals, in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

More About Chef Mike

Herb Cables, Regional Training Specialist
Herb Cables has been a personal trainer since 1987. Herb has worked with all demographics including adolescents, adults, geriatrics, cardiac rehabilitation patients, as well as professional and Olympic athletes. Herb is a Lifetime Drug Free Professional Bodybuilder with titles including Mr. Georgia and Mr. Atlantic. Herb also teaches, mentors, and certifies personal trainers.

Articles And More About Herb

Kimberly Kantor, Fitness Expert, Certified Personal Trainer
Our fitness consultant, Kim Kantor, brings a lifetime of health and fitness experience to Service Foods. Kim attended the University of Tennessee where she graduated a year early so she could start her own My Gym Children’s Fitness Center. She served as the director at My Gym for five years, helping young children learn healthy exercise habits. She has also won multiple regional fitness competitions including Ms. Fitness Texas, Ms. Fitness Mile High, and Ms. Fitness Southeast, and placed in the top 10 in national competition three years in a row. Currently, she is the director of personal training helping adults as well as children reach their fitness goals.

Articles And More About Kim

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