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Service Foods CEO Dr. Keith Kantor Meets with Former Massachusetts Governor and Leading Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney to Offer Advice on the U.S. Healthcare System

The CEO of Atlanta-based Service Foods outlines how healthy living and an all-natural lifestyle could save the United States hundreds of billions of dollars and improve the country’s healthcare crisis.

ATLANTA, November 17—During a recent VIP reception held at the Georgia Aquarium, Service Foods CEO Dr. Keith Kantor had the opportunity to meet with former Massachusetts governor and leading Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. During their meeting, Dr. Kantor was able to offer advice on repairing the broken healthcare system in the United States.

“Although I was only able to speak with Governor Romney for a short time, he was extremely interested in learning how healthy living and leading an all-natural lifestyle could drastically lower healthcare costs in the United States,” said Dr. Kantor.

Armed with information, statistics and medical studies from the Natural Products Association (NPA) and All-Natural Food Council of North America (ANFCNA), Dr. Kantor was able to share with Governor Romney and his staff a variety of insightful information. One example included details on a recent study conducted by the Lewin Group, which showed that if senior citizens took omega-3 fatty acid (fish oil) dietary supplements, more than $3 billion in healthcare costs and 384,303 hospital stays could be avoided over a five-year period.

In discussing the study with Governor Romney, Dr. Keith Kantor explained, “It is truly absurd that one can use a flexible spending account to buy Viagra but not fish oil supplements, which the FDA says reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.”

He continued, stating, “One has to realize that we do not have a healthcare system in America – we have a disease, sickness and accident treatment system. If more emphasis was placed on disease prevention and leading a healthy lifestyle, hundreds of billions of dollars could be saved and the healthcare crisis in this country could be fixed.”

Service Foods CEO Dr. Keith Kantor (left) recently met with leading Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, to discuss the U.S. healthcare system.

The staff members of Governor Romney’s campaign expressed their desire to fix the country’s healthcare crisis and seemed very open to the role that a healthy lifestyle, all-natural food and proper dietary supplementation could play in saving the system.

“It was wonderful to see the great interest and openness Governor Romney and his staff had toward emphasizing healthy living, all-natural foods and proper dietary supplementation to lower healthcare costs,” said Dr. Kantor. “If Governor Romney should win the presidential election next year, those who believe in healthy living and the companies that work in the natural product industry will have a true friend and supporter in the White House.”

Under Dr. Kantor’s leadership, Service Foods, a leading provider of high-quality, all-natural food for home delivery, has been actively working to improve the healthcare crisis in America by counseling clients in leading healthier lifestyles through free health screenings, sponsoring health fairs, and by providing healthy cooking videos, educational articles and fitness demonstrations on the company’s user-friendly website. The company, which has earned several awards for its innovation, financial performance, community involvement, and nutritional health and wellness products, also supports major health awareness campaigns like the the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure cycling event and Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes.

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Service Foods offers a full line of all-natural foods free from growth hormones, preservatives, steroids, antibiotics and colorings. The company provides free delivery directly to customers’ homes. In addition, dietitians, nurses, doctors, dentists and fitness experts are on staff to counsel clients in leading a healthier lifestyle. Service Foods has been in business since 1981 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia, with warehouses in several states.
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